Building Permit Application Submittal, Issuance & Inspection Procedures

  1. If the site is served or to be served by an on-site septic system or a water supply well, approval from East Shore District Health Department 203-481-4233, is required prior to building permit.
  2. If there are wetlands or watercourses on the site and located within 100 feet of the proposed activity, or if the activity may impact a wetland or watercourse, an application to the Inland Wetlands and Watercourse Agency may be required. Contact the Inland Wetlands Enforcement Officer at 203-484-6010 to discuss this matter.
  3. A site plan or special use approval may be required from the Planning and Zoning Commission, generally for commercial development, accessory dwelling units, or food establishments.
  4. After obtaining any required Planning and Zoning Commission and/or Wetland Commission approvals for a project, the permit application may be submitted to the Building Department.
  5. For new structures, after the foundation is constructed and inspected, an as-built survey showing the foundation location must be submitted. All mechanical, electrical, or other permits, including Sanitary Sewer Connection Permit must be obtained, if applicable. Building inspections will be conducted during construction. A list of required inspections will be supplied with the permit.
  6. After all construction and site work is completed, contact the Building Official and the Zoning Enforcement Officer for a final Certificate of Occupancy inspection.
  7. When all work has been completed and approved by the Building Official and Zoning Enforcement Officer, a Certificate of Occupancy and Certificate of Zoning Compliance will be issued.

Submittal Requirements to Apply for a Building Permit

The following items are required to be submitted when applying for a building permit:

  • Completed building permit application, zoning permit application form with owner's signature and plot plan.
  • Planning and Zoning Commission approval, if applicable.
  • Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Agency approval, if applicable.
  • Flood permit approval, if applicable.
  • East Shore Health Department Approval, if applicable (if building is served by septic system and/or well).
  • Construction plans (2 sets).
  • Proof of Workers' Compensation Insurance.
  • Contractor's name, address, telephone number and a copy of license and/or registration.
  • Applicable Building and Zoning fees.

Building Inspection Process

  • Soil/footing Inspection: Set forms and required reinforcement. Call for inspection prior to pouring concrete.
  • Foundation Inspection: (Only on engineered foundations) set forms and required reinforcement. Call for inspection prior to pouring concrete.
  • Backfill: Install or apply footing drains, tar membrane, waterproofing and/or insulation, if applicable. Call for inspection prior to backfilling.
  • Rough Plumbing/HVAC/Electrical: Set all required test on plumbing system.
  • Framing Inspection: Call for inspection only after all plumbing/HVAC/Electrical rough inspections have been approved. All firestopping components completed. All rough inspections may be combined on certain projects, please call ahead.
  • Insulation Inspection: Call for inspection prior to sheetrocking.
  • Acoustical Ceiling: Required by all trades prior top installation of ceiling tile.
  • Final Plumbing/HVAC/Electrical
  • Final Building Inspection