Board of Police Commissioners

Agendas & Minutes

Minutes are available following approval.


  • Victor Pietrandrea, Chairman
  • David Palumbo, Vice-Chairman
  • Fred Augur, Secretary
  • Jacob Manner, Commissioner
  • John Pollock, Commissioner
  • Marie Diamond, Liaison for Commission

About the Board

The Board of Police Commissioners shall have general management and supervision of the Police Department of the town and of the property and equipment used in connection therewith, shall make all needful regulations for the government thereof not contrary to state or local law and may prescribe suitable penalties for the violation of any such regulation, including suspension or removal from office of any officer or member of such Police Department, subject to Article IX of the Town Charter, including the personnel rules and regulations approved by the Town Council pursuant thereto. Such Board shall have the sole power of appointment, promotion and removal of the officers and members of such Police Department, subject to such personnel rules and regulations as adopted by the Town Council pursuant to Article IX of the Charter for such purpose; such appointees shall hold office during good behavior and until removed for cause upon written charges and after hearing. Police officers and constables in the Town of North Branford shall have all such authority with respect to the service of criminal process and the enforcement of the criminal laws as vested by the General Statutes in police officers and constables. For purposes of this chapter, "members" of the Police Department shall include police officers, dispatchers, the Canine Control Officer and the secretary to the Chief of Police.