Animal Control

NB served by East Haven Animal Control as of September 1, 2023

Animal Control services for the Town of North Branford will be handled by the Town of East Haven effective September 1, 2023.  Calls for animal control services in Northford and North Branford should go to North Branford's dispatch - 203-484-2703 for non-emergency, and 911 for emergency calls.

The East Haven Animal Shelter can be reached directly at 203-468-3249.  
Their website is

Animal ControlNorth Branford Town Manager Michael Downes visits the East Haven Animal Shelter on September 1, 2023, the first day of East Haven taking over animal control services for NB.  L-R: Town Manager Michael Downes, East Haven ACO Emily Higgins holding Reese, and East Haven Mayor Joseph Carfora.

North Branford Awards East Haven Animal Shelter Contract

The Towns of North Branford and East Haven are pleased to announce the merger between North Branford and The East Haven Animal Shelter. North Branford does not have its own shelter and had previously contracted with the Town of Branford for these services.  The North Branford Town Council voted to approve the agreement at their July 18th meeting.  This move signifies a promising collaboration between the two municipalities.

The agreement sets the cost of services to North Branford at $135,000 annually for the first two years and increases by 4% annually thereafter.  Additionally, the two towns agree to review call volume to North Branford after the first year of the agreement and assess if the services are accurately reflected in the charges.  East Haven will take over ACO services for North Branford effective September 1, 2023.

Under the terms of the previous animal control agreement with Branford, North Branford was set to spend $175,000 on service with an additional outlay of over $1 million in capital funds for the facility in Branford. 

“This move will keep North Branford in the hands of a top-notch, professional animal control operation that highly values animal welfare and care,” said North Branford Town Manager Michael Downes. “The North Branford Town Council’s approval of this agreement will save North Branford taxpayers over $40,000 per year and eliminate the need for any capital expenditure.”

East Haven’s Animal Control Officer Emily Higgins commented, “This collaboration represents a leap forward in animal welfare and community development for both towns. By centralizing animal care services, we can better allocate resources, enhance adoption programs, expand access to affordable veterinary care and most importantly, conduct educational outreach to raise awareness about responsible pet ownership.”

North Branford council member Nick Palladino referred to his previous work with East Haven’s beloved Animal Control Officer Owen Little by saying, “I know how East Haven operates and I know how Owen Little operates, he (Owen) has such ties to the shelter, that he retired and still works part time.”

Little appreciated the sentiment saying, “I’m humbled by the kind words from the North Branford Town Council and look forward to actively engaging with their residents as well.”

You can find them on the web at East Haven Animal Control

189 Commerce St, East Haven, CT 06512
(203) 468-3249