Public Works

The Town of North Branford Department of Public Works is responsible for the maintenance and repair of approximately 85 miles of roads and Town bridges. Additional duties include snow and ice removal, street sweeping, minor roadway reconstruction, storm drainage installation and maintenance, tree pruning and removal within Town rights-of-way, brush control, paving, chip sealing and crack sealing and maintenance of Town vehicles and equipment. The Department also maintains Town and Board of Education properties, including athletic fields consisting of over 130 acres of Town property and 26 athletic playing fields.

Read the letter to Residents regarding Winter Policies (PDF).


  • The Town of North Branford's Public Works and Engineering Departments work together to develop a roadway evaluation plan to determine the condition of each road and identify the most cost effective means of reconditioning the road.
  • The partial reconstruction of a roadway includes the grinding of the existing asphalt surface and subbase materials to form a new subbase and replacing the surface with a new 2-course layer of hot-mix asphalt and new curbing. Work may also include the reconstruction of storm drainage and replacement of existing catch basin tops.
  • The work is a joint effort between Town staff and contracted forces. Certain work such as grinding, grading and paving are performed by specialized contractors, while Town staff performs other associated roadway and drainage tasks. Roadway reconstruction and repairs are typically made between the months of May and September.